Art & Brand Direction

Every creative project needs a purpose and a defined direction. When you work with IAj Media, we are committed to your project’s results and part of ensuring that commitment means developing a unique, expressive, and powerful art direction.

Whether you’re looking for a series of email marketing campaigns or an entire online marketing campaign, integrating a powerful art direction is paramount.

With brand design, we work with both new and existing companies. This may mean taking histories of your business and finding out how to amplify what you’ve built over the years, or taking stacks of sticky notes and brainstorming the new identity for your emerging business.

Our Approach

With both Art Direction & Brand Design, the process starts with empathy and listening – it’s important for us to pick up on every cue and detail that makes your company special to you and your team.

These details will become the leading design principles in the visual components and strategy that we design for your project.

What You Can Expect

There is a wide spectrum of deliverables when it comes to Brand Design. Whether you’re a new or existing business determines much of this, along with what industry you fit into.

But the usual targets include inspiring brand assets, scalable identity marks and thorough guidelines for use.

When it comes to Art Direction, you can expect to receive deliverables that are bound by tight creative guidelines that ensure message and brand continuity; deliverables that stand out in a sea of content, and messaging that is thoughtfully considered, designed, and implemented.