Email Marketing

There are two major realities we can all attest to: we know that email marketing is a necessity for any sales-based company, and we all get way more spam/junk mail than we’d like. That means that your company needs effective strategy and creativity when it comes to maximizing the uses of email marketing. Be a positive presence in your customer’s inbox, not a pestilence. 

Our Approach

We care about understanding your industry, company and all of the nuances that make you who you are and how you operate. From there, we can develop content and strategy that fits your audience’s needs. Additionally, we look at email marketing as a spoke in the wheel – how can social media content be repurposed into an email campaign, and how can an email campaign be translated into web content for SEO? By leveraging unique data and custom design we’re prepared to help you create meaningful conversations that become sales conversions. 

What You Can Expect

First we need to gather as much information as possible regarding your brand’s narrative and art direction. This will give us the foundation needed to implement strategy. From there, we can decide on the next building blocks such as frequency, layout, and goals of your email marketing campaign. Expect continual analytical evaluation and reporting with the purpose of fulfilling your mission.