Social Media

Over the last two decades social media has had an undeniable impact on society as a whole. You can gain and share wisdom, stay connected with a global audience, and best of all it can help shape a mission, brand and organization.

Whether you’re selling a product, creating awareness or telling a story we are obsessed with creating results that matter for you. 

Our Approach

Much like anything we do at IAj Media we focus on the “why” factor of your mission. We start with understanding your mission, vision, your audience and your goals and how they can be impacted positively by social media.

We will dive deep into the platforms that your audience engages with the most and keep an eye out for emerging trends and platforms that are constantly evolving over time.

What You Can Expect

When it comes to our support you can expect that we will capture your brand’s voice and provide authentic, professional yet human engagement with those that interact with your platforms.

We will make data-driven decisions as it is important to always listen to your audience and their interactions with each of the platforms. We will measure, test and report on strategies and campaigns using analytics tools.

Our team will use the latest tools to optimize and run any paid campaigns. We will also create and strengthen partnerships with other relevant profiles, brands and influencers.